Manfred Sedello

Manfred Sedello was the GSM-R guru at quattron from its foundation in 2002 and always passionate about considering the telecommunication and rail aspects in the introduction of innovative technologies.

He advanced quattron’s internationalisation and his entrepreneurship was inexhaustible. Even after he resigned his position as Managing Partner at quattron management consulting at the end of 2016, he continued to play an important role at quattron group africa for the next 5 years.

Everyone who knew him will always remember his enthusiasm in the implementation of projects and he was a father figure to many.

He will always have a place in our hearts.

The major professional positions that shaped Manfred Sedello and his life’s work

  • Study of Mathematics and IT (1964 – 1969) and Applied Mathematics (1970 – 1973) and research assistant at Hannover Technical University (to 1977)
  • from 1977 Siemens Nixdorf Paderborn, later Executive Director, Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG (1983 – 1992) Director Technology Center, Santa Clara, California, USA. Research & Development for IT Telecommunication Networks and Network Management Systems
  • Project Manager, Detecon (1992 – 1996)
    For the customers of Deutsche Telekom he was responsible for the establishment and management of the project Telekom International Sales
  • Executive Vice President, Deutsche Telekom AG (1996 – 1997) responsible for technical sales support of subsidiaries abroad
  • Senior Manager, Arthur D. Little (1998 – 2002)
  • Co-founder/Managing Partner, quattron management consulting GmbH (2002 – 2016)

Up until his death he remained closely associated with quattron and also continued to work passionately with quattron group africa.