Article in the journal SIGNAL+DRAHT

Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Büker (CEO of quattron and VIA-Con), PD Dr.-Ing. Lars Schnieder ( CEO of ESE Engineering und Software­Entwicklung GmbH), Madeleine van Hövell (engineer at quattron and VIA-Con) and Daniel Meurer (engineer at quattron and VIA-Con) have published the paper “A railway operations study of CBTC systems” in the september issue of SIGNAL+DRAHT (

In this article, the authors analyse the impact of Communication-Based Train Control systems (CBTC) on the performance as well as on the quality of operations. In their railway operations study, the authors prove a positive effect of high-performance train control systems on efficient and quality local traffic.

You can read the entire paper under the following link:

Thorsten Büker, Lars Schnieder, Madeleine van Hövell, Daniel Meurer – A railway operations study of CBTC systems

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