Opportunities and Challenges of 5G Technology for Smart Mobility and Smart Rail

In the current special issue „Digitalisierung im Schienenverkehr“ of the ZEVrail (magazine for the entire rail system), quattron is represented with the article “Chances and Challenges of 5G Technology for Smart Mobility and Smart Rail”.



Communication options will increase sharply with the introduction of 5G technology as of 2020 ff. due to large broadband ranges and short latency periods. In competition with other modes of transport, especially long-distance buses and future autonomous private transport, the opportunity to use travel time effectively, whether in the form of work, information or entertainment, will gain in significance for those traveling. Such future Smart Mobility will require interruption-free availability of 5G in trains. A highly available broadband transmission system e.g. as succession system of GSM-R is also essential for automation of rail operation as well as numerous rail-specific applications as Smart Rail. Railways should combine the requirements of Smart Mobility and Smart Rail and install their own Best Server Mast infrastructure along lines, linked via glass fibre, which they can use themselves for rail operation and can also provide to commercial TC providers to ensure their 5G networks supply trains reliably. Such network infrastructure along all lines would also be able to supply numerous underserved districts in rural areas and could thus become an important element of broadband expansion planned by the federal government. The federal government should therefore participate in financing such infrastructure with subsidies for broadband expansion.

You can read the full article in the current special edition July 2018 – „Digitalisierung im Schienenverkehr“ – ZEVrail (only in German). Further information about the magazine is available at http://www.zevrail.de/.

If you have any questions about the article, feel free to send us an email or visit quattron at the InnoTrans 2018 at the booth of Cluster Bahntechnik and get to know more about the 5G concept paper (City Cube A | 214).


The current special: July 2018