Business Planning and Financial Conception

Infrastructure projects require significant investments which sometimes take decades to recoup and are sometimes built without a concrete intention to repay, in order to fill government utility supply contracts. Particularly the latter investments are usually equated with government financing. However, infrastructures are often multiple purposes, so that many different and multi-faceted options for financing infrastructure measures are conceivable.

Starting with a feasibility calculation for GSM-R as the first level for ERTMS, quattron has already developed numerous different models for financing infrastructure, and supported the implementation process. This process always starts with the addition and analysis of the project that must be financed with regard to the financial success factors, so that possible parameters in the financing can be identified. This in turn leads to the calculation of the investment requirements and the expected costs for the life cycle of the measure. To this end, potential cost units are identified and assessed as to their viability.

Depending on the project and the legal requirements, public and private forms of financing are also identified and reviewed. On the basis of this comprehensive evaluation, quattron develops the decision-making basis for a financing alternative, or a mix of financing instruments.


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  • Business Planning and Financial Conception
    Gain a reliable decision-making basis thanks to thoroughly prepared planning and financing concepts