Feasibility Study

For rail infrastructure operators feasibility studies forms the basis for the provision of financing, procurement measures and tender development and provider selection. Overall, the feasibility study represents the basic document for a strategic investment decision and delivers

  • an analysis, assessment and recommendation for a usable technology (unless a technology has already been specified, such as e.g. GSM-R or ETCS).
  • a recommendation for a feasible work division between the railway units and contractors, with a rough project plan for the procurement, planning and implementation phases for the technology, the verification of technical functionality and its operational approval, as well as the migration and operational introduction, the operation of the new technology
  • a rough overview of the life cycle costs of alternative feasible technological solutions.

In accordance with best practices quattron carries out a Stock-taking of the infrastructure affected by the investment decision, planned upgrade, and equipment requirements for the trains.

Subsequently a specification of requirements takes place for the technology solution including national and European standards and regulations, technological strategies of the railway (e.g. telecommunication and IT strategy), and required applications for the railway user groups.

Finally, quattron develops approaches for the technical and operational requirements and migration concepts develops as well a responsibility matrix for the participating units (project coordination, supplier, integrator, railway consumers, operators of the technology solution, licensing authorities, advisors, supervisors,…) of the procurement, planning, installation and implementation phases.

In addition to investment costs, quattron also prepares costs for adjusting the operational and maintenance processes to the configuration of the new technology.

As a result, quattron defines a rough project plan for the project participants, and a rough budget estimate of the life cycle cost for the implementation of the approaches that have been developed.


For more information, please contact us via email at feasability@quattron.com.

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