LC-Planning and LC-Management

Next to technical evaluations, the decision for the introduction of new or the renewal of existing technologies also requires a valid commercial assessment. The consideration of investments alone is not sufficient. Rather, the costs for planning, project management, migration, operation and the maintenance/repair have to be considered. The finance-mathematical models of quattron allow the examination and comparison of technologies or technological variations, including the entire lifecycles as well as the consideration of the general conditions regarding finance (e.g. illustration of funds). The modular development of our LC planning models allows the separate observation of individual systems and trades in major project with different life and reinvestment cycles.

The calculation of various scenarios, whereby planning parameters (such as price developments, consumer conduct, volume scenarios, delivery heads) can be applied flexible and individual, allows the illustration of the scope of the corporate decision within the LC planning models (e.g. worst case, realistic case, best case). This ensures a considerably greater planning security.

With the precise documentation of the individual planning parameters for the lifecycle of the technology, it is possible to expand the LC planning model of quattron into an LC controlling model, through which the actual developments can be synchronised with the plan assumptions. This permits the establishment of a continuous and methodical valid learning process, the experiences of which can be integrated into future decision processes.

As well as the decision for technologies, the finance-mathematical models of quattron can also be used for the planning of companies and corporate sectors as well as in M&A processes and permit the integration of individually determinable indices (e.g. feasibility codes, financing codes, economic value added).


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