Processes and Organization as well as Change Management

Increasing competition, changed customer requirements, new business models and innovations demand a high degree of flexibility from companies, whereby the speed of change in the global economy escalates significantly. The company’s ability to adapt to new challenges is substantially determined by the flexibility of its organizational competencies, the organizational structures, the processes, the quality and the motivation of its employees. The coordination of organization (reorganization) and processes (business process optimization) next to strategy in times of constant change requires proven methods and simply applicable control mechanisms. In this context, quattron not only provides comprehensive consultation approaches for reorganization and business process optimization, but also monitors companies throughout their implementation in the context of change management.


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Process Optimization

At the latest in times of an economic crisis and with decreasing resources it is becoming evident that optimized business processes play a decisive role in the efficiency of a company. Prerequisite is that the processes are not just documented and known as well as lived, but that they are, in fact, constantly checked and adapted in accordance with the changing market requirements. In such a process optimization, quattron essentially pursues six principles:

  • Market-oriented alignment of the business processes to the strategic business units
  • Differentiation between value creating primary processes and supporting secondary processes
  • Illustration of tasks in small, defined units with as little as possible interfaces
  • Delegation of maximum decision competencies
  • Reduction of complexity and variety through standardization
  • Promotion of corporate reasoning and personal action

quattron executes process optimizations based on a proven procedure model.


Successful companies exhibit a clear orientation with respect to the intended corporate objectives. Therefore, a reconstruction or further development of structures and processes is required due to the steady change to account for the changing general conditions.

  • Changes in the strategic alignment of the company
  • Mergers and/or cooperation
  • Changes to the value creation depth as a result of strategic measures
  • New organization principles, e.g. based on a change of management

quattron supports a reorganization based on a clearly defined target contribution from the considered organizational unit for the complete success of the company and takes a holistic approach in the analysis, design and organizational development, which considers the strategy and processes as well as the employees and their development potentials.

Change Management

New competitors, altered customer requirements, change in management, new employees or a change in information or product technology – there a many reasons for change. Today, the success of a company is essentially determined by whether and in as far as companies and organizations are capable of reacting to changed general conditions.

A target-oriented change is hereby decisive. This implies that the company is capable of initiating, planning and successfully implementing change processes. In practice, this is often difficult as many employees are very afraid and resistant.

For this reason, it is particularly important to actively manage and/or competently monitor pending changes within the companies and organizations. In this context, quattron possesses numerous methods and tools of change management to increase the perspective for success and holds the executives of the company responsible. According to the opinion of quattron, it is the task of change management to respectively shape and communicate all measures and activities for the implementation of new strategies, structures, systems, processes or behavioural patterns designed to effect the cross-divisional changes within an organization.

Next to extensive project experience, quattron also possesses the necessary expertise to the required methods to ensure the successful change processes within a company.

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