Integrated Project Communication

Large-scale projects are increasingly becoming the subject of politics, press and the public. For this reason, the integrated external as well as internal project communication to all involved in the project is an essential factor for the success of modern project management. Integrated project communication of quattron begins with a decision according to target groups about communication contents and extent of the information for all respective stakeholders (project principal / management, employees, customers / users, the population, press, politics, associations etc.) in the context of a communication concept. Subsequently, quattron assures coherency and credibility of the communication within and among the target groups throughout the entire progress of the project. As UPS, quattron relies on a close link of technical expertise regarding the project contents as well as various communication methods; it is therefore a professional core task of the project itself and not a task for an agency alien to the subject.

The integrated project communication of quattron forms the interface between technical project contents and information requirements of the stakeholders should be linked directly to project management and thus receive access to all technical information as well as work in close coordination with the communication sector / public authority of the regulating organisations. In the course of implementation, it links consistent communication measures for the duration of the entire project with event-driven measures in crises on the premise of two basic principles:

  • Credible operation: according to target groups, trust-forming, consistently and anticipatory
  • Controlled reaction: early problem realisation, consistent language regime, coordinated and clear paths


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  • Integrated Project Communication
    Ensuring efficient project communication through trustworthy actions and controlled reactions