Program / Project Management

The term programs comprises the general summary of several projects, which, contrary to a project portfolio, have a common substantial reference and are therefore cross-project controlled. In typical programs, the responsibility for the operative processing of the individual project remains with the project manager (sometimes also “only” in the function of a subproject manager), while

  • the individual projects in the program are synchronised with respect to qualitative, chronological and financial planning
  • similar challenges of several projects in the program are solved transcending, thus realising synergies, and
  • strategic tasks such as particularly the communication at top management level (executive boards, supervisory boards, finance providers etc.) by program management.

Next to the typical project management tasks, the support by quattron in programmes thus particularly comprises the project definitions which require the skills of top management consultancy (top management presentations, process optimisation and (re)organisation and business cases). For the execution of the typical tasks of project management, such as the quattron group is also supported by the subsidiary company q4pm with focus on project planning, management, controlling and reporting, whereby experienced management consultants of quattron are principally called upon for the special tasks of program management. As a result, we are able to provide our clients with the following added values:

  • Relieving the customer
  • Pursuit of project objectives from a specialist through to strategic top management level
  • Consideration of political aspects in project communication
  • Management of the project under consideration of sophisticated circumstances
  • If required, also the adoption of the tender and supplier management is possible.


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  • Program / Project Management
    Tracking of the project goals from the technical level through to the strategic top management level