Project Planning

Ensuring feasibility within the specified time, cost and quality schedule under consideration of the available resources and existing general conditions play a major part, particularly in complex and comparatively long-term infrastructure projects with a high investment budget. This requires the transparent illustration of the project with all project tasks, deadlines, allocated resources and required budget, comprising all essential aspects:

  • Specification / detailing of the project purpose / order
  • Project structure plan with project fact sheets
  • Project stages and schedules; if required, process design
  • Capacity schedule and timetable
  • Cost, benefit, investment budgeting
  • Quality and documentation planning / concept
  • Report planning / concept
  • Conception of risk management

Naturally, the implementation of project planning with the assistance of our program / project management services is possible at all times.


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    Ensuring your project can be realised through consideration of all key aspects!