Tender Management and Procurement Management

These days, contracts are often awarded to the providers who submit the most creative and competitive proposal.  Only a few decision-making criteria are deemed authoritative with regard to the other competitors (e.g. capacity to cooperate, availability, transparency, development ability etc.).

The objective of developing a tender for an imminent awarding process is to ensure that the best possible (product/service) provider can be selected in consideration of the best price-performance ratio over the planned life cycle. Providers are reviewed with regard to their financial, business and also technical and professional abilities in addition to their current experience and success potential (references).

By reviewing the existing documents, knowledge of the affected operating processes, the objective and technology strategy, quattron plays a key role in supporting the tender development and provider selection process (Tender Management and Procurement Management). We develop technical specifications for new technologies – manufacturer-neutral and application-oriented – for your tender.

The finished document provides a definition of clearly calculable criteria for a value-based and life cycle-oriented selection process, instead of a purely price-based selection approach. In addition, the process also provides for the evaluation of the submitted proposals with respect to an objective and financial assessment, to the advantage of the tendering party and in order to avert objections. The integration of the technology/ operator and the user side in the process can accelerate the introduction of the project by as much as a year.


For more information, please contact us via email at tender@quattron.com.

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