Technical Supervision

Large projects are characterised by a large number of project participants, all of which are directly or indirectly compensated by the infrastructure operator. Each of these contractors is acting in terms of his technology or his service. At the same time, the infrastructure operator often does not have the technical experience in the new technology that is required to ensure the target-oriented management of contractors.  This is where technical implementation support (Technical Supervision) of quattron helps to ensure that the project target can be attained within the required time and cost framework, and that operational functionality in particular can be achieved.

This process starts with a review of the supplier project-relevant documentation with regard to the intended operational performance, since suppliers usually focus on technical functionality and often are not very familiar with the customer’s operational requirements.

In the case of the construction or re-invest of grids such as GSM-R, TETRA or ERTMS, this also includes site inspections for the installation of all central and line-related components of the grid.

The management of interfaces to other systems, projects and processes is another important task during the project period, as it ensure the smoothest possible introduction process.

The systematic monitoring of the project progress ensures that inappropriate developments are detected at an early stage and measures designed to rectify or reduce delays can be initiated so that the project target can still be attained.

Since it is not possible to set out all possible developments in advance of the project start date, and even standardised contracts do not offer complete protection against unclear items, quattron can of course also assist with contract management activities vis-a-vis the supplier.

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