Article in the journal ETR

The consultant’s surplus values throughout the entire project period


Technical know-how concerning organization, operations and development processes and technologies is essential for the success of complex development and implementation projects with a high degree of innovation. Especially considering the increasing system complexity in railroad operations, practical knowledge and experience will become even morge important. In this ETR article, you will find a display of the network of system components in railroad operations, a detailed explanation why comprehensive project and technology management is indispensable, and a detailed project definition with all its facets:

  • Analysis of essential framework conditions regarding project- and program-communications
  • Establishing a suitable project or program communication on all levels
  • Sophisticated risk management as an essential success factor
  • Profitability analysis incl. financing concepts
  • Project organization and assignment


Additionally, the individual project management phases are graphically demonstrated and explained in a diagram. You will learn why it is necessary to differentiate between development and realization projects, as well as how to ensure a harmonized, transparent, and redundancy-free communication basis for all project participants. You will also learn which areas require special attention in context of award strategy and which exciting factors of a project realization should be considered.


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