Article in the journal ZEVrail

The current issue of ZEVrail published the article “Strategic considerations for the procurement of railway infrastructure in a digitalised overall railway system” by Philipp Kleinpaß (Senior Consultant and member of the quattron group suisse management) and Dr. Silvio Döring (Managing Partner).

In their article, the authors bring together two apparently contrasting worlds. On the one hand there is the world of rapid digital transformation, which is rapidly changing markets, business models and production methods, and on the other hand there is the world of railway infrastructure with its durable assets and lengthy roll-out times when new technologies are introduced. In this article, the authors show ways to strategically develop the procurement process in order to be able to design the necessary transformation process successfully.

You can read the results under the following link:

Kleinpaß, Dr. Silvio Döring – Strategische Überlegungen zur Beschaffung von Eisenbahninfrastruktur in einem digitalisierten Gesamtsystem Bahn

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