Shaping the future with infrastructure networks

quattron offers customized solutions for infrastructures in the major future areas of our society and for climate protection

quattron is active in several social and economic future areas:

Transport Transition

The aim of the transport transition is to fundamentally restructure the transport system with society switching to environmentally friendly mobility. Key approaches to this include shifting traffic to rail and the efficient integration of private transport with public transport. The main prerequisites for this are the modernization and expansion of the transport infrastructure in order to increase capacity, punctuality, and flexibility, as well as networking with digital mobility platforms and services for local public transport.

quattron makes a significant contribution to the financing, development, approval and commissioning of new technologies as well as project management during their roll-out in numerous innovation and infrastructure projects for European rail infrastructure and transport companies and public transport operators.

Digitalization of Society

Technological change is in full swing and is changing the way we live and work. Digitalization is encountered in everyday life, in which more and more objects and processes are being digitally networked with one another. In the economy, new products, services, and adjustments to business models are being created for this purpose, resulting in changes to work content and the organization of production and work processes. This all requires high-performance networks that transmit information quickly, reliably, and securely.

Such high-speed networks require fiber optic infrastructure cabling in the fixed network sector and 5G in mobile communications. quattron has been active in this market for over 20 years and supports various network operators in specification, tendering, project initiation, and nationwide roll-out.

Public Safety

Public safety encompasses the integrity of life, health, honor, freedom, property, and state facilities, including the functioning of its institutions. In this regard, public safety is a basic need in our society. The recent rise in crime and growing threats in connection with international crises are leading to an increasing prioritization of public safety.

For tap-proof and reliable communication in emergency situations, authorities and organizations with safety tasks (German: BOS), i.e. authorities such as the police, fire departments, and rescue services, use a radio system that meets the TETRA standard. quattron was largely responsible for the introduction of digital BOS radio in the free state of Bavaria and the project management for the BOS radio illumination of railway tunnels in Germany as well as being involved in a competence pool with engineering offices and service providers on this topics.

Energy Transition

The energy transition involves replacing fossil fuels with renewable energies such as wind, hydropower, solar, and geothermal energy in order to reduce emissions and damaging greenhouse gases while making the country less dependent on energy imports from abroad. Germany aims to become climate-neutral by 2045. To achieve this goal, the expansion of renewable energies must be massively accelerated. The aim is to cover at least 80% of electricity consumption from renewable energies – primarily wind and solar energy.

The infrastructure measures for the construction of a wind power line from northern to southern Germany is of vital importance as the share of renewable energies in final energy consumption in Schleswig-Holstein is the highest at 40.5%. quattron has been working since 2019 on this infrastructure project and various project management tasks, such as the application of BIM methodology (digitalization) and business services including right of wat management.

This development essentially comes down to quattron’s four success factors:

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