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Bringing engineering services to large infrastructure projects while meeting requirements

Our project managers have a solid background of experience and leadership in the rail industry and rail operations. Not only are they specialized engineers, but the actions they take within a project are characterized by economic thinking. Our network enables us to use trade specialists and EBA-approved experts in a targeted manner.

Our clients are national and international rail companies with passenger and freight transportation, the private rail industry, public clients, and their appointed general contractors. We also work in consortia with other companies.

Control, Command and Signaling (CCS)

CCS deals with the new construction, expansion and modernization of railway safety technology. It safeguards railway operations, serves to rationalize operational processes, provides meaningful relief for people in operation and helps to avoid hazards. Innovative technologies are particularly effective in CCS as the transition from conventional electromechanics to modern IT and telecommunications solutions offers a wide range of application and optimization potential. This is an area in which quattron has particular expertise and experience.


Telecommunications for railway includes the equipment, standardization and networking of various communication technologies and systems for rail vehicles and operating facilities. Services relating to the mobile radio standard extended to include railway-specific operating parameters, GSM-R (the Global System for Mobile Communications – Railway), are one of our core competencies.

Alongside ETCS and ETML, the GSM-R mobile radio system is the central technical component of the future ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System), which is intended to promote the interoperability of European rail transport. GSM-R is the mobile radio system for voice and data communication between vehicles, mobile terminals and fixed installations. It has been expanded to include safety-relevant functionalities and will also be the carrier network for ETCS Level 2/3 data, which enables remote train control, interlocking communication and train movement monitoring in addition to train protection.


Electrotechnical systems

In railway construction projects, there are always technical intersections with electrotechnical installations. We consider this field to be a genuine cross-cutting issue with great internal diversity and a prerequisite for reliable operational management. q4pm takes over the interface management here too as part of holistic technical and operational overall management.

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