Equipping the Rhine-Alpine Corridor in Germany with ETCS

Responsible project support from project initiation to commissioning

As part of the “Rhine-Alpine Corridor” project, the German section of the Rhine-Alpine ERTMS corridor from Oberhausen to Basel (approx. 1581km) will be equipped with ETCS to meet European requirements. As a prerequisite for ETCS L2, new electronic and digital interlockings (ESTW, DSTW) including service and technical locations (BSO/TSO) must be implemented and the necessary adaptations to the GSM-R equipment, LZB control centers and the existing signaling systems must be carried out by the project.

quattron set up the project in 2013 on behalf of DB Netz AG and took over the project management/control along the HOAI service phases. Mr. Schätzle was originally in charge of the technical/commercial project management for quattron before handing over to the current internal project management team.

Until today in 2023, quattron still has more than 10 employees who are actively involved with the project and has so far performed the following tasks:

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