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Professional and methodical support in the further development of processes and requirements in technology management

Ensuring that availability and quality targets as well as the further development of all components in the system network are in line with the objectives, while taking into account permanently optimized LC costs, places high procedural and organizational demands on the technology and facility management of an infrastructure manager. The same applies from the perspective of the entire railway system with regard to railway transport undertakings.

quattron clarifies all typical, often strategic questions on technology and facility management, such as:

In general, such questions arise equally for all technologies and innovations, like system components for control, command and signaling technology, the Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS), TETRA radio on BOS (BOS: German acronym for public authorities and organizations with security tasks) etc.

In addition, we support our clients in the optimisation of operational processes both professionally by contributing our international project experience and methodically by structuring requirements on a functional and technical level or moderating workshops.

quattron offers the following services in the area of Organization & Processes

quattron is able to develop and implement individual solutions together with its clients thanks to extensive technical and methodological competence based on many years of railway expertise across all functions and technology areas.

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