IT for the digital railroads of tomorrow

Software and IT for rail operations, optimization, consolidation and system integration

Modern IT architectures, software, and processes are core elements of the digital railways of tomorrow. quattron (powered by VIA-Con) offers software components, tools, and services for capacity management, planning, operation, evaluation, and analysis in and for rail operations.

We cooperatively and competently support clients with commercial products, tools, and individual software solutions that have proven to be effective in day-to-day business for many years, with IT consulting and interdisciplinary expertise in the broad area between IT and rail operations. We do this all while keeping an eye on current requirements and challenges.

IT Architectures

Innovative and sustainable

Individual Software Development

Development for specific challenges

LUKS – Analysis of lines and junctions 

Performance analysis of nodes and routes + modules


Centralized and versioned infrastructure database


Analysis of operational data, bottleneck analysis and timetable optimization


Analysis of timetable stability in railroad networks


LUKS as a Service: Independent, encapsulated and centralised interface

SW Quality Management

Consulting and implementation of quality metrics

Digital Data Management

View, understand, organize, use, and process data

IT Consulting

IT consulting for a digital future

Additional Services

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