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Professional contract and supplement management for infrastructure projects

quattron offers professional contract and supplement management for infrastructure projects in which a large number of contracts have to be managed and compliance with these is extremely important for the success of the project. Our contract and supplement management lays a solid foundation for contract-compliant work.

We support our clients with a wide range of skills:

We analyze existing contracts in detail to understand the rights and obligations of the client and the contractor. We create a synopsis to clearly assign responsibilities and deadlines.

We monitor compliance with contractual rights and obligations both internally and with external contractual partners. This includes the monitoring of deadlines, the fulfillment of agreed services by the contractor and the fulfillment of cooperation obligations by the client.

We demand contractually agreed services in the event of deviations and take care of escalations if required. We ensure quality assurance within the framework of quality gates for both contractors and suppliers management and conduct regular assessments.

In the event of deviations in quantity, time, and content/quality, we initiate contractual adjustments and supplements. We conduct an impact analysis on project planning and ensure that the project plan is adjusted accordingly.

We actively work to ensure that contract amendments are implemented by the contractor where necessary. We also defend the client against unjustified claims and agree justified contract adjustments with the contractor.

Our experienced team of contract managers has significant expertise and works closely with our clients to ensure that all agreements are implemented in accordance with the contract and that any deviations are identified at an early stage and handled appropriately

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