Successfully implementing projects

Implementing projects on time and to the required quality within the specified budget with full transparency

Implementation management ensures that a project is implemented on time and to the required quality within the specified budget. It is highly important that possible risks are identified at an early stage through transparent work and that the interests of all areas are safeguarded. Operations in particular must be integrated in the project early on in order to prevent restrictions caused by the implementation measures. Interruptions in operations lead to restrictions in production capacity, which is why quattron supports its clients with capacity-saving implementation, even during complex implementation phases. Implementation can be divided into three phases: construction planning and coordination, phase planning and control, and implementation with safe operation.

With our in-depth knowledge of railway operations and project-specific requirements, we support the implementation of projects and measures during ongoing operations with a particular emphasis on:

Construction planning and coordination:

Phase planning and control:

Implementation with safe operation:

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