Setting the course for the digital future

Management consulting for the technological and operational development and optimization of network infrastructures

Safety-critical infrastructures must have strict development requirements for testing, approvals, migration, and commissioning. 

There is a great need to modernize and digitalize network operations in line with climate protection goals in order to improve the performance and efficiency of rail, communications, and energy supply networks. 

We offer services for the entire technology life cycle, from the initial idea to commissioning. Alongside technical expertise, we attach great importance to integration into operating processes and organizational structures. We use a holistic approach to ensure that systems are both technologically up to date and optimally integrated from an organizational perspective. 

Control, Command and Signaling (CCS)

Technology Consulting for the Digitalization of Rail Transport


Technology Consulting for High-Performance Communication Networks

Processes & Organization

Organizational Consulting for Lean Processes and Efficient Organization

Railway Operations Studies

Consulting on Optimizing the Capacity and Quality of Rail Operations

Additional Services

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