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Germany’s electricity transmission grid must constantly be adapted to the country’s requirements. Rising electricity consumption and changing political goals mean changes need to be made. In addition to ensuring a high level of security of supply and intra-European electricity trading, Germany has set itself the goal of switching to renewable energies and shutting down its nuclear power plants. By 2030, at least 80% of electricity is to be generated from renewable energies. Germany aims to be completely climate-neutral by 2045.

The energy transition includes the increased expansion of onshore and offshore wind energy, photovoltaics and biomass. This goes hand in hand with the modernization of the German electricity grid and the promotion of energy-efficient technologies. In addition to climate protection, the energy transition is also intended to ensure security of supply and make Germany less dependent on energy imports and fossil fuels. The switch to alternative energies will create new jobs in Germany.

quattron is proud to be able to make a contribution to a project that will play a key role in this energy transition. The laying of two extra-high voltage underground cables will ensure that alternative energies can be transported from the north to the south of Germany. The electricity generated mainly from wind turbines in the North Sea is to flow through a 525 kV DC cable to consumers in southern Germany.

Our client has commissioned us to act as a contact for owners and managers of land in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in matters relating to rights of way. In addition to identifying property owners and authorized users, we obtain access permits for the preliminary work to determine the route of the line, secure and regulate preparatory construction measures as well as possible post-construction damage, ensure temporary and in rem security (including entry in the land register) and the payment of compensation for all affected plots of land.

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