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Document management for the planning process to reduce construction operations and technical supplements

quattron takes over the overall control and organization of the planning document management in that our project controllers and engineers carry out the planning document services across all trades using IT tools specially developed for this purpose. In addition, we also manage the plan review services and handle all necessary processes in connection with the VV BAU-STE, TEIV and standard planning phases in accordance with HOAI. In general, we plan, control, and monitor the plan preparation, plan review, and plan delivery services.

Our tasks include contract management for both participating and reviewing parties and other project participants. The IT tool used for this, e.g. based on Microsoft SharePoint, seamlessly documents the plan receipts, associated inspection data, and other applicable inspection documents as well as the dispatch of plan packages. Dispatch takes place according to the distribution lists stored in the planning document scheme. The agreed planning dates are managed in a task list, which can be created directly in the IT tool (e.g. SharePoint or via the fully integrated Microsoft Project).

We control central specifications and processes and provide our clients with a holistic reporting system. This means the degree of fulfillment of the individual plan procedures and deviations from planned deadlines can be displayed at any time in preconfigured dashboards on a daily basis. In the event of backlogs, the IT tool used can send automatic reminders and performance reminders.

We also handle the regulation of agreements with third parties, such as municipal or state building authorities, federal supervisory authorities or the like.

This gives our clients complete transparency about the status of the plans and ensures that planned deliveries are made on time. They therefore benefit from methodical and IT-supported quality assurance integrated into the schedule management.

As well as planning document management throughout the course of the project, complete documentation is required at the end of the project alongside continuous updating during regular infrastructure operations. Experience with many major projects shows that this task is often only tackled towards the end of the project which is too late and results in costly additional purchases or the creation of new documents.

That is why we define the necessary documents and their required quality in the initial phase of the project and ensure that suppliers deliver them as soon as they are created and not at the end of the project. Depending on our client’s requirements, the documents are managed via individual or Microsoft SharePoint-based databases, which guarantee that only one person works on a document at a time, so that the latest documents are always available with no parallel versions, even during regular operation

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