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Our Management Team in Focus

Our quattron management board draws on a refreshing mix of experience, drive, technological affinity, management expertise and leadership qualities. The values embodied by the management – professionalism, a solution-oriented approach and an understanding of client needs – also characterize the entire quattron family. After all, people are just as important as the business.

Frieder Bautz

  • Degree in Civil and Transport Engineering
  • More than 30 years of experience in the project management of large, complex infrastructure projects, project control, and construction management
  • Over 20 years of experience as interim project manager responsible for very large roll-out projects in the telecommunications and infrastructure sector
  • Specializes in technologies (e.g. ETCS, GSM, TETRA), tenders, contract awarding, planning approval and construction law, contract and supplier management of complex projects for public and private clients
  • Lecturer at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences
  • Member of the management board of the “Project Management, Engineering & Business Services” department

Dr. Thorsten Büker

  • Doctorate from RWTH Aachen University, degree in civil engineering
  • Networking and project experience from 14 countries
  • Holistic understanding of systems with a focus on infrastructure – rail operations – technology
  • Member of the management board of the “Technology & Operational Consulting” department and responsible for finances

Dr. Silvio Döring

  • Doctorate with honors from the University of Vienna, law studies
  • More than 25 years of experience in international top management consulting
  • Management of railway infrastructure and safety-related telecommunications projects
  • Specializes in strategy development, process and organizational consulting, corporate finance, procurement and supplier management as well as project management including strategic communication at all political and social levels
  • Founder (2002) and partner of quattron as well as managing director of quattron holding with focus on strategic business development an M&A

Marc Hesse

  • Graduate Engineer in Architecture
  • Architect for 10 years and responsible for the planning and implementation of revitalization projects and since 2005 senior consultant focusing in contract management as well as major project management and process optimization
  • Project manager for the Digital BOS Tunnel Radio programme (dBOS) for DB InfraGO AG
  • Project management of the “Design Integrated Console” (DIB) project for DB Netz AG, which involves the operation LST, Dispo, MAS and TK via a standardized interface
  • Project manager for the roll-out of BOS digital radio in Bavaria
  • Member of the management board of the “Project Management, Engineering & Business Services” department

David Janecek

  • Degree in Computer Science
  • Software architecture and development, interfaces and data flows
  • Railway operations research with training for international clients to ensure understanding of user requirements
  • Responsible for quality management, data protection and ESG

Philipp Kleinpaß

  • Master of Science in Business Administration 
  • More than 10 years of experience in top management consulting
  • Industry focus on railway infrastructure companies and contracting authorities 
  • Focusing on the strategic question of procedural and organizational requirements for the technology and asset management of infrastructure operators
  • Member of the management board of the “Technology & Operational Consulting” department and responsible for clients and projects in Switzerland

Dr. Alexander Kuckelberg

  • Doctorate in Natural Sciences from RWTH Aachen University, degree in computer science
  • Diverse interdisciplinary and wide-ranging project experience in different countries
  • Specializes in IT systems, process and data flows, railway operations, CCS technology and operations management
  • Head of the “Software, IT & Digital Data Management“ department

Bernd Neidert

  • Degree in Business Administration
  • 30 years of experience in leading positions in the rail sector as well as in energy grid expansion projects
  • Specializes in the areas of corporate management, program and project management, purchasing and procurement management, structuring and management of major programs and projects
  • Extensive experience in developing procurement strategies, conducting reorganizations and managing major projects
  • Member of the management board of the “Project Management, Engineering & Business Services” department and responsible for Human Resources, Admin and Marketing

Rene Ritzberger

  • MBA in General Management, degree in Automation Engineering
  • More than 20 years of experience in consulting with a focus on project controlling as well as program and project management
  • Extensive experience in cross-industry projects, especially in the areas of ICT and mobile communications
  • Specializes in start-up projects, contract and supplier management, management of complex agile nationwide roll-out projects, as well as location acquisition and property management
  • Member of the management board of the “Technology & Operational Consulting” department and responsible for IT at quattron

Robert Schätzle

  • European Master of Business Science, degree in Business Administration
  • More than 20 years of experience in international IT/telecommunications and top management consulting
  • Specializes in corporate finance, investment planning/profitability calculations, (re-)organization and business process optimization
  • Structuring and management of large CCS/telecommunications/IT programs and projects
  • Technical and organizational development of a project to equip Corridor A with ETCS in 2013 and management of the overall project as interim managing director on behalf of DB Netz AG from the start of 2015 to mid-2016
  • Member of the management board of the “Technology & Operational Consulting“ department and responsible for CRM

Josef Zeller

  • Holds degrees in Civil Engineering and Industrial Engineering
  • Over 35 years of experience as a project manager in large infrastructure projects with a focus on civil engineering, U-Bahn construction
  • Specializes in the management of planning and implementation of control, command and signaling technology and high-speed lines with a slab track
  • Member of the Bavarian Chamber of Civil Engineers
  • Registered as a consulting engineer and authorized to submit building documents in accordance with the Bavarian Building Code
  • Member of the management board of the “Project Management, Engineering & Business Services” department

Manfred Sedello (†), October 24, 2022

  • Manfred Sedello was the GSM-R authority at the founding of quattron in 2002, always fervently advocating for the consideration of telecommunication and railway operational aspects in the introduction of innovative technologies.
  • He drove the internationalization of quattron and his entrepreneurial spirit was inexhaustible. Even when he stepped down from his role as Managing Partner at quattron management consulting at the end of 2016, he dedicated another full 5 years to quattron group africa.
  • Those who knew him will never forget his enthusiasm in project implementation, and for many, he was a father figure.
  • He will always have a place in our hearts.

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