Viewing, understanding, organizing, using,
and processing data

Designing sustainable data management based on meaningful data flows and use

Data and consistent data management are the basis for modern planning, operating, and control systems, for capacity management and for other railroad IT systems:

The transfer, development, organization, use, and interoperability of data and data flows connects systems, helps to gain knowledge, and enables and promotes further developments. quattron (powered by VIA-Con) has the experience and competence as well as the IT know-how to analyze data, recognize semantics, and use them professionally. We also make it possible to convert, store, aggregate, and interpret data for use in order to extract key figures from large data collections. 

Data versioning concepts have been incorporated into many projects and products and data warehouse data repositories have been set up in different domains and used by means of data mining approaches. We inherently bring this knowledge into future projects and work for clients – often using and originally utilizing existing systems and their possibly insufficiently documented data provision. quattron (powered by VIA-Con) can provide the development of databases using data modelling, warehousing, and various optimization approaches as well as technical operation, hosting, administration, and services, such as the preparation and utilization of existing systems and their databases or the specification of exchange formats and their implementation in data interfaces.

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