Sustainable software and application development

Structuring, implementation, and optimization of quality metrics

quattron (powered by VIA-Con) offers both consulting and implementation services based on experience and expertise gained over many years, in many countries, and across heterogenous systems from a wide variety of projects, product developments, and practical requirements in the world of IT. This forms the basis for a range of support options in the introduction and implementation of processes and tools for quality assurance.

Furthermore, we can fruitfully contribute our extensive experience in software testing, system integration, and test automation to our clients’ IT projects, act as external support staff, or provide our own CI systems for use. We offer further support in the context of life cycle management, automated system installation, and sustainable release and version planning as well as support for modularization and test implementation in railway operation projects. The development of (IT) courses, documentation, and the establishment of support structures conclude the quality management portfolio.

Additional Services

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