quattron is Hidden Champion in the consulting market for the second time

This year, quattron management consulting received the award “Hidden Champion in the Consulting Market” in the category “Transport and Infrastructure” for the second time in a row. quattron prevailed against renowned consulting firms such as Deloitte, McKinsey and Boston Consulting. The award was published in the January issue of the business magazine Capital.

The study, which is conducted by WBMG (Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung), examines management consultancies that excel in their field of expertise. The survey was based on 765 interviewed executives from the top management of German companies.

Ceremonial handover of the hidden champion 2020/21 (from left to right Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink (CEO WGMB), Stefan Lossau (Managing Partner quattron management consulting), Dr. Silvio Döring (Managing Partner quattron management consulting) und Horst von Buttlar (Editor-in-chief of the Capital))

quattron management consulting has been focusing on the technological transformation of network infrastructures since 2002. quattron’s customers include Deutsche Bahn and numerous international railways, as well as the Free State of Bavaria, for which quattron was responsible for setting up the digital radio network for the police, fire brigades and rescue services. Together with other companies in the quattron group, quattron supports the renewal and digitalisation of complex networks from strategy to implementation and operational rollout.

For more information on the study and award, please visit www.hidden-champions-of-consulting.de, www.capital.de and visit www.quattron.com or contact Ms. Shannon Williams shannon.williams[@]quattron.com.