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Transparency for smooth project success

quattron offers professional project communication for our clients, whose projects often arouse the interest of the public, politicians, the press and a number of internal stakeholders. Clear and transparent communication is therefore crucial for an efficient project process and for avoiding potential complications early on. 

Our project communication services include: : 

We develop individual communication concepts that are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each project.  

We plan and implement holistic communication measures that take into account both overall and project-specific aspects, all while reviewing the timeliness and effectiveness of the communication strategies. Our services also include involving the public, working with political players, and identifying and addressing relevant internal and external stakeholders. 

We conduct a complete stakeholder analysis to understand the needs, expectations, and interests of the parties involved. We then use the results of this analysis to develop a customized communication strategy and matrix to ensure an effective and targeted approach to stakeholders. 

We recognize potential conflicts at an early stage and take proactive measures to promote a positive attitude and information. Proactive mediation allows us to handle conflict resolution and conflict avoidance so as not to jeopardize the course of the project. 

In change and transformation projects, we involve future stakeholders at an early stage and demonstrate the benefits of the project. We develop a qualification path to prepare the parties involved for the changes and offer training and education opportunities to promote acceptance and implementation of the change. 

Our experienced team of communication experts has the necessary knowledge to guarantee project communication at the highest possible level. We use the latest communication technologies and emphasize transparent, effective, and targeted communication to ensure the success of our clients’ projects.

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